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Be Gay Do Climbs

Whether you've been climbing for years, or don't know a hangboard from a harness; whether you are out and proud, a straight ally, or maybe still figuring out your identity: there is a place for you at QCC. Whether it's in a gym, at a local crag, or one of our overnight trips to a National Park, we hope to meet you wherever you are at in your journey, in order to make climbing, and the entire outdoors, more accessible.

Gym Meet ups

We hold meetings in our local gyms weekly. We rotate locations, dates and times to meet a variety of schedules and skillsets.

Currently, we our gym meetups are hosted at the gyms, and are available at a discounted rate of $13, which includes a day pass to the gym, as well as shoes and a harness when applicable. Our meetups are also free for gym members. 

QCC also provides guest passes to our events for climbers who find the entry fee to be a barrier to access. Simply tell the employee at the welcome desk you'd like to use one of QCC's punch passes, and they will check you in using our pre-purchased day passes. members are also donate their member points to purchase more guest passes for QCC.

To learn more about our meetups, and find the dates and times of all planned meets, click here to locate our google calendar.

Outdoor Meet ups

During the warmer months, QCC holds at least one outdoor climbing meetup per month at an Ohio Crag, as well as an additional meetup at Scioto-Audubon Metro Park in Columbus. These meetups are free of charge. 

We also take several overnight trips throughout the year to nearby climbing areas, such as the New River Gorge and the Red River Gorge. QCC does not charge for these trips, and the only costs affiliated with them is the cost of transportation and lodging. If these costs are a barrier, QCC is more than happy to work with climbers to provide financial support when possible. To take advantage of this support, simply reach out to any QCC board member or leader.

Community Outreach


Though our focus is on the outdoors, we strive to support our community and our climbers outside of the crag or the gym.


Through social functions like fundraisers at local breweries, and post-meetup socials at Club Diversity or Southbend Tavern, we hope to engage the community in ways that are not solely focused on the sport of Climbing.

We have also supported a variety of other outdoor-focused causes, such as helping host a Columbus session of The Summer of Pride Series, sponsored by The North Face and Public Lands, as well as supporting crag cleanup days through Ohio Climbers Coalition.

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