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Our Mission. Our Team. 

Queer Climbing Columbus (QCC) exists to connect Central Ohio climbers and increase access to climbing and mountaineering for the LGBTQIA+ community. Through hosting, co-organizing and co-sponsoring events, QCC seeks to create safer spaces where new climbers may enter the sport, and where seasoned climbers may flourish. We do so as an effort to combat discrimination and prejudice in the sport, as well as to foster diversity, and help make the crag, as well as the gym, safer and more inclusive for all.

Paige Swinehart-Hord (She, Her)
Executive Administrator

Paige started climbing as new activity after spending so much time shut in during the pandemic but had no idea how much climbing would change would life in just a year! She’s fallen in love with the sport and is beyond grate for the friendships she’s made and community she’s grown with some of the best people life has to offer

Briden Schueren (They, He)

Briden has been climbing since 2005, and loves the climbing community because it doesn’t matter were we come from, we all seem to have this similar sense of desire for a different kind of experience and camaraderie. To Briden, Climbing is his meditation, a place he can escape from anything else happening in life and truly be present.

Caroline Thompson (She, Her)

Caroline started climbing in 2019 primarily as a whole-body workout to combat gender dysphoria. Since then, she has sent countless gym climbs, climbed in multiple National Parks, and has fallen totally in love with the sport. She is beyond honored to serve as the Vice-President of QCC.

Rob Newton (They, He)

Rob is a queer individual living here in Columbus, OH. They were brought onto the Queer Climbing Columbus team by Shannon as an event leader and have been blown away by the response from LGBTQIA+ climbing community! They are very excited to continue to meet climbers in search of inclusive spaces.

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