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Queer Climbing Columbus (QCC) exists to connect Central Ohio climbers and increase access to climbing and mountaineering for the LGBTQIA+ community. Through hosting, co-organizing and co-sponsoring events, QCC seeks to create safer spaces where new climbers may enter the sport, and where seasoned climbers may flourish. We do so as an effort to combat discrimination and prejudice in the sport, as well as to foster diversity, and help make the crag, as well as the gym, safer and more inclusive for all.

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Upcoming Events

To see a full list of all of the events we have coming up, use the link below to find our Google Calendar!

Consider attending one of our many meetups whether at your local climbing gym or your favorite crag or metro park, we host a wide variety of events where climbers can meet partners, connect with their community, and CLIMB

As a non-profit organization, our efforts to expand access to LGBTQIA+ climbers is funded entirely by donations from the community.

Please consider donating what you can so that we may continue our mission to make climbing and mountaineer accessible to all people!

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